[1.2.8] Some aspects of Plato’s philosophy presented in OWL/GUFO model

The OWL/GUFO model below:

Ontology Source (OWL): plato-gufo.owl contains the Classes and ObjectProperites from the following posts:

[1.2.1] Plato: Theory of Forms
[1.2.2] Plato on the Soul
[1.2.3] Naturalism and Conventionalism in Plato’s Cratylus
[1.2.4] Plato’s Cosmology in Timaeus
[1.2.5] Plato on Psychological Constitutions in the Republic
[1.2.6] Plato about Cardinal Virtues in the Republic
[1.2.7] Plato about the Ideal City in the Republic

After downloading, you can open the model with Protégé.

The following diagram presents a VOWL view of the model distributed here:

Rights: This work is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY 4.0

First published: 16/11/2021
Updated: 5/12/2021
Updated: 2/1/2022

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